Cirrlus Corporation has been involved with developing the following projects...


  • MAPS - An automatic positioning system to capture images of high speed projectiles

  • PAVEME - A system to capture ballistic signals and perform comprehensive analysis on the data

  • ALABWIN - A medical real-time instrumentation measuring system for an operating theater.

  • SHOEPIC - A system to keep track of shoe styles for a shoe factory.

  • CSSTELSEL - A software financial analysis system to manage a clients financial portfolio with what-if scenarios.

  • SADTR - A system to monitor patients who are undergoing a Transplant - South Africa Dialyses and Transplant Registry Program

  • PHYSITUTOR - A Physiological tutoring system for Windows

  • DAN - A D.N.A Analysis System

  • SCHOOLREPORTER - A teachers dream, program to keep track of all pupils and create reports

  • PATROLGUARD - A software system to monitor and track guard routes and corresponding management thereof

  • ANESTHESIA SCHEDULER - An online staff resource scheduling and allocation system for academic hospitals

  • CALSOFT - A ballistic pressure calibration system

  • GRAINSCAN - An automated gunpowder grain scanning, image and analysis system, with digital signal processing

  • COMPUBID - A comprehensive auction management system

  • AGENTTRAK - A comprehensive estate agents management system

  • FLIGHTBOOK - An online aviation flight management system

  • GPSTRACKER - A aircraft tracking system using your cellphone.

  • TIMESOFT - A hotel/timeshare reservation system

  • WISEPILL FEETBACK - Realtime datacapture and transmission of steps and pressure sensor data

  • VLC - A lid testing system for the makopa missile launching system.

  • TELMAN - A telephone management system.

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